Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Physiology of Runners 3: Muscles


All of you out there who are interested in cars, you will recognize numbers like... Chevy's 350 small block, or the 440 Magnum.  These are some popular engines in classic muscle cars; and they are named "muscle" cars for a definite reason. They have got alot of MUSCLE. Well, so does our body's, especially runners.
Your muscles are composed of several types of muscle fibers.  You have probably hear the terms "slow-twitch" and "fast-twitch" fibers. As you might have guessed slow-twitch muscles are trained by doing longer runs.  These muscles give you the endurance and stamina you need.  Fast-twitch muscles are the speedy Gonzales muscles, and are trained by shorter distances at a intense rate of speed that forces your body into lactate mode. So a basic summary would be, our muscles are important when running and we need to train and condition them to perform the best for us, and we get faster and stronger.
Just like muscles we need to train our minds to understand the scriptures and the instructions that the Lord has given to us to make it back to his presence.  How do we do that........ well, as the primary song that I sang when I was a young boy, "Search, ponder, and pray are the things that I must do..."
We recently listened to a great talk by our mission president at zone conference about reading the Book of Mormon. No, feasting.... on the Book of Mormon.  He talked about a piece of Chocolate cake that was really really good.  Now, would you just scrape the top of this chocolate cake, or would you just dive right into it?  Feast!!!  I know that as we read the Book of Mormon and Bible our testimony's of the restoration of the gospel will increase and we will know that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph Smith is his prophet in these the latter days, and that this is Gods kingdom once again established upon the earth!
Lets get out there and train our minds!!!

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  1. Hey Austin, I just want to say thank you to you and say how grateful I am to you for taking the time to write these blogs. I love reading them and they have really been helping me lately keep a positive attitude on life and the gospel. I really hope that you keep posting.
    Love, Ashley Griffiths (Judd for you!)