Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Physiology of Runners 4: Heart

Thump.......Thump.......Thump..... Well, It sounds like my heart is still beating, for now. The heart is one of the most interesting of our bodily organs. It circulates the blood oxygen mix through our bodies, which in turn helps us push out our daily runs.  The heart has many different parts that help it distribute the blood, veins, and arteries are the main ones.  These help the blood flow the the different muscles and organs that need oxygen.  I like to think of them as roots that just help the tree get bigger and stronger.
I think we can all agree on the fact that the heart is a pretty important part of running, now, just like the heart is important, a testimony of the gospel is just as important if not more.... well, at least for our spiritual journey.
So what is a testimony and how do we attain one?  Well, the dictionary says that a testimony is evidence in support of a fact or statement; proof.  How can we have evidence of God?  Well, lets look around us for a second.  Look at all the pretty trees, the beautiful mountains, the people all around us, those are little pieces of evidence that God is there.  There is a more definite way that we can know God, and that is through his spirit which touches our.... you guessed right, Heart.  In Moroni 10:5 we are taught that "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of ALL things."  That is how we gain a testimony of the gospel and grow to know God.  Testimonies keep us deeply rooted in the gospel and help us in our stony paths of life.  The best way to gain that testimony is to read the scriptures, attend church meetings, and to pray always.  I call those the primary basics.
So next time your out on your long run, think about the testimony you have of the gospel and what it means to you.

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