Thursday, January 12, 2012

Physiology of Runners 5: Feet

Your probably wondering the same thing that I was wondering when the impression came to write a blog about feet.  What in the world do stinky, dirty  feet and running have to do with the gospel?  Bear with me for a few paragraphs and you shall find out.
Every day we get up, put on our shorts, a t-shirt, socks, and shoes, then head out the door for a morning run.  We use our feet daily! In fact did you know that the average person walks over 10,000 steps a day!  That adds up to about 115,000 miles in a life time. ( for runners its more, because were cooler than the average person ;) ) Another cool fact is that the foot actually makes up about 25% of the human bodys bones.  So we can all agree that feet are a really important part of our body, especiall us runners.  There is a quote and I cannot find the source, but it says something along the lines of "Follow  your feet, they will lead you where you want to go."  I would like to compare our feet to the spirit and this quote.
Every week in high school we had a Vo2 max work out day.  That usually consisted of us running 800-1000 meter repeats.  We ran these repeats around our high schools football field, practice field, and baseball feild.  The grass wasnt very well kept, and there were many pot holes that were some what hard to avoid.  Over time of understanding the fundamentals of running, just like learning how to listen and follow the spirit, I didnt have to look down and worry where my feet were.  I trusted in my feet to land in the right places so I didnt roll my ankle.  That took lots of time and practice to get my feet to do that.  As we continue to be worthy of the spirit and follow its promptings ( practice ) we will become literate in the language of the spirit and have that gift to guide us.  Just like my feet would guide me through the rough field.

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