Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Learning from a Teacher

The other night at a members house we read from 2nd nephi chapter 9.  What an awesome chapter that talkes alot about the plan of salvation and gods love for his children. One verse that particularly stuck out to me was......
V 47,48 "But behold, my bretheren, is it expedient that i should awake you to an awful reality of these things? Would i harrow up your souls if your minds were pure? Would i be plain unto you according to the plainness of the truth if ye were freed from sin?"
"Behold, if ye were holy i would speak unto you of holiness; but as ye are not holy, and ye look upon me as a teacher, it must needs be expedient that i teach you the consequences of sin."
As we pondered these verses we thought about exactly what it said. If we were "holy" then our modern day prophets and leaders would speak to us of holy things. But knowing that we are men and do sin in our wish, we are content to the things that are given to us. Let us strive every day to be like our teachers of old. Nephi, moroni, heleman, king mosiah etc.

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