Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Young Women of the Church

Through my life i have always been intrigued by the young women of the church. In the young women progress book it states, "You are beloved daughters of our heavenly father, prepared to come to earth at this particular time for a sacred and glorious purpose." I fully believe that those words ring truth in any ones eyes. Just in my life i have seen the wonderful examples that the young women have on the community. I serve here in Lander Wyoming and have grown to love the youth of the church here for their examples to everyone. Because of their radiant examples we have people wondering "what makes them so happy? Why do they act this way?"
One of my favorite scriptures is found in 3 Nephi 19:25,35-36, which states, "And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto him; and his countenance did smile upon them, and the light of his countenance did shine upon them, and behold they were as white as the countenance and also the garments of Jesus; and behold the whiteness thereof did exceed all the whiteness, yea, even there could be nothing upon the earth so white as the whiteness thereof. And it came to pass that when Jesus had made an end of praying he came again unto them: So great faith have i never seen among all the Jews; wherefore i could not show unto them so great miracles, because of their unbelief. Verily i say unto you, there are none of them that have seen so great things as ye have seen; neither have they heard so great things as ye have heard."
I directly relate that to the youth of the church. They are so faithful in keeping the commandments of God that their examples radiate much like the garments of Jesus. I bare testimony that i know that this church is Christs church once again upon the earth. And that the youth are carrying that sacred responsibility of sharing the message on their shoulders very well. I'm thankful for them and all that they do. I know that the book of Mormon has the fullness of the gospel and works "hand in hand" (Ezek 37:15-17) with the bible. I know that we have a prophet of God on the earth today, who leads and guides us in the things that heavenly father would have us do. This i know, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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