Friday, June 24, 2011

Why do you run??

Why do you run?
Because an Alaskan winter isn't my weakness, its my strength.
Because I have to believe, even if they don't.
Because knowing I gave my Everything, means Everything.
Because of my father, because of my son.
Because I had to try... Again.
Because It's more than just a line on the road, and we are more than just finishers.
Because when I do, there is always the chance to be extraordinary.

How often in life do we find our selfs in a hard situation? I would ask that we liken our "race" to life....
 The story that really touched my heart was the story of Derek Redmond, the sprinter in the video who's dad helped him finish his last 400 Meeter race.

Derek Redmond was prepared for the 400m semifinal race at the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992. He felt he was in the best shape of his life. Despite 8 operations on his Achilles tendons over the past 4 years, he felt very confident. His father Jim, sitting in the stands, also had high hopes. Jim and his son were very close and he made it to all of the championship races.
Derek gets off to a good start. Coming around the first bend in the track, tragedy struck as Derek’s hamstring went. Initially he thought he had been shot because the pain was so great. His leg would not function. London’s The Guardian newspaper quoted him, “Everything I had worked for was finished. I hated everybody. I hated the world. I hated hamstrings. I hated it all. I felt so bitter that I was injured again. I told myself I had to finish. I kept hopping round. Then, with 100 metres to go, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my old man.”
In our own lives sometimes disaster strikes and we find our selves bitter and unhappy. We have a loved one pass away, or a financial situation comes up, its hard to find peace in situations as such. But I can promise you  that our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there for us in our times of trial to help us finish our race. Just like Derek's father was there in his time of need on the track to help him finish the race. 
I love the clip of the iron man womens finishers crawling across the finish line. Such heart is displayed by these two athletes. And how appropriate is that quote in our race to heaven. Because heaven  is more than just a line on the road of heaven, and we are more than just finishers.

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